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21 Day "I" Matter Challenge

Ladies, have you ever walked into a gym and felt like you didn’t belong? I’ve been there, I totally understand the feeling out of place and wanting to leave as soon as you walk in... Our 💥NEW💥 21 Day “I” Matter Challenge 💪🏽will help you workout at home, give you results and guide you with pre made workouts PLUS videos attached to help you along! 💰💰Prizes for fastest Burpee times AND for greatest transformation! 💥 BEST PART!? ITS 100% FREE!!!


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Step 1- Book Your No Sweat Consult.

What's A No Sweat? Basically we sit down for 15-30 mins, chat about your goals, we laugh, match up your membership to your goals.

Call us for any questions at 204-688-9178

Client Wins


"My life has changed in a way I never could have imagined if I hadn’t of taken the steps to join TCF. What Lynne is building, along with her team of coaches, is something a lot of people long for and need in their lives. Transcona CrossFit will change you… if you let it." - Krista

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How Will It Change Your Life?

You will Feel Supported/Support Others, People holding you accountable to show up to class, create gym BFF’s, feel empowered, people to cheer you on, lift you up. People believe in your abilities way before you see it. +self worth, +self esteem, +confidence. Accountability doesn’t only come for the coaches, but your community, a feeling of belonging.

More Client Wins


"Great atmosphere, a non intimidating place for people to workout. They are able to adapt the workouts for everyone regardless of their ability. Going here is like going to hang out with a bunch of friends." - George

January 1st 2018 I went Vegan. But more importantly I went on a meal plan....something to help me with Macro counts, the right amount of proteins, carbs, starches and fats....weighing out my food portions, prepping my meals daily helped me lose that last 20 lbs!


Step 1

Schedule A No-Sweat-Intro

We will talk about your fitness goals to help you pick the right program tailored specifically for you.  Part of what makes Transcona CrossFit different from every other gym out there is we onboard new members through the safest and most effective fundamentals program ANYWHERE.

We never pressure anyone to join and truly want it to be a good fit for everyone.

Step 2

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Get to know our Coaches!

Our team is here to help you succeed! From creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere to helping each athlete modify the workout to them, to inspiring athletes through challenging times, our Coaches are here the entire way of your journey.

Step 3

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Get moving and get fit!

Everybody has their own path to success.  Some prefer personal training, others group classes, and some start with nutrition coaching.  Our Coaches will help guide you to a program that best suits your needs.


Success Stories

Before TCF

josh before

Present Day Beast

Josh Afer

I remember the day I walked in to TCF. Timid, shy, not happy with life and not sure how to get out of the rut I had been stuck in for so long. The first class was intimidating but it was something new to try so I had to give it a chance. It was a really fun class to be a part of. The group setting was great and everyone was very welcoming. Flash forward over a year later. I definitely feel like I levelled up! TCF has given me much more confidence and has just given me much more of a sense of self worth. I can honestly say ive never been this happy in my entire life. Not only have I achieved some physical gains but my mindset gains are unbelievable! I've got my smile back and I'm not afraid to take my shirt off anymore haha! Everyday im counting down the minutes until I get to come back to TCF! Lynne, you and your team of coaches really know how to make miracles happen! Thank you!- Josh M.

Before TCF


Present Day Beast


"I joined Transcona Crossfit in August 2018 with 1 main goal in mind - weight loss! I was overweight and unhappy and that unhappiness was being reflected in many areas of my life.  I felt stuck, but with the help of my Crossfit family, I learned how to shift my life in a more positive direction.   I had a lot of fears starting Crossfit- fear that I wouldn’t be able to do the movements, fear that people would laugh at me when I struggled, fear that this wasn’t the place for an overweight, socially awkward, clumsy person.  I was wrong- this turned out to be exactly where I needed to be. 

Week after week, workout after workout, I started discovering how strong my body was and that I could push myself further than I thought. I was able to do the movements because everything was modified for my ability and when I struggled, no one laughed at me. I was having successes and over time my confidence in the gym improved.  As hard as the workouts were, I was having fun and I found myself looking forward to classes so I could see what else I could accomplish. I also found myself starting to make friends- something that has always been very difficult for me. I now had this group of people that I knew I could count on to support me, encourage me and hold me accountable.  Crossfit started to become my safe place- where I could step out of my comfort zone a little bit and take some risks, but I also noticed that I was thinking about weight loss less and was starting to appreciate my body more exactly as it was."

One of the biggest realizations that I have had in the last year is that it wasn’t my body that was making me unhappy- it was my way of thinking about my body and about myself that was causing me to live such a negative life.   I am working hard every day to be a more positive person, reminding myself how strong my body is and learning to love it the way it deserves to be loved, being grateful for all the opportunities that cross my path and learning to say yes to these opportunities (even if they scare me!) so I can challenge myself and grow into the person that I am meant to be and life the life I am meant to live.

In the last year, I have lost 38 pounds, but I have gained so much more! " - Shannon J.